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Five Ways Toronto Is Ahead Of The Eco-Curve

June 26, 2015 by

Toronto may be the most populated city in the country with over approximately 2,615,060 inhabitants, but that doesn’t mean it’s not eco-friendly. Being Canada’s most populous city has its perks, when it comes to the environment. Before you write the city off as a smog-infested lesser New York, discover five ways Toronto is ahead of the eco-curve.


  1. Grants and incentives:

    The city’s council offers different grants and incentives to help reduce Toronto’s residents’ energy use. There are enticements to turn your home into an eco-friendly residence. There are incentives for single families and entire communities to go green, and it’s working. Solar panels are popping up on roofs across the city and homes are being retrofitted with environmentally friendly appliances. Sometimes people need a little push to go green, and Toronto is pushing its residents in the right direction!

  2. Bike lanes for everyone:

    Toronto has one of more extravagant bikeway networks in Ontario with 856 kilometres devoted to cycling. The City of Toronto is developing a 10-year plan to continue to grow its vast grid of bike lanes, shared roadway routes and trails. The goal is to make the city completely bike accessible with more lanes and safer places for people lock up their cycles when they’re not in use. More bikes and less cars on the road makes for better air and less harmful emissions going into the atmosphere.

  3. A city within a park:

    That’s actually one of Toronto’s mottos. Why? Because the city have over 1,600 public parks with 600 kilometres of trails. That means that 13% of the city’s land is actually a green space. Besides parks, Toronto has a gorgeous ravine system, beaches, and gardens that provide fresh air for the city’s residents.

  4. A market of farmers:

    While most cities have seasonal farmer’s markets, Toronto offers these markets year round. Fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses and meats – if it’s local you’ll find at one of the many year round farmer’s markets in the city. When you buy local, you are not only supporting a homegrown business, you are supporting the environment by not having your food shipped cross-country.

  5. The business side of green:

    There are numerous green companies and corporations that are headquartered in Toronto. Pure + Simple, ECHOage and Boemar are three well-known companies that call the city home. Each provides an environmentally friendly product or service that helps keep Toronto ahead of the eco-curve.

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