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3 Ways Your Garbage Disposal Helps The Environment

January 13, 2016 by

Nearly every newer home or newly constructed kitchen has a garbage disposal installed. It is one of the greatest ways to rid of food waste. Not only is it easier than scraping plates and dishes off into a garbage, but it actually shreds the food waste up and disposes of it for you. So, where does all of that food waste go?

Garbage Disposal And Environment

Garbage disposals are actually quite environmentally friendly. The food waste that is shredded into small particles and disposed of through a garbage disposal ends up going into the water line. The water is then thoroughly cleaned at a water treatment facility. Some facilities use this food waste as a source of renewable energy.

What Makes a Garbage Disposal Eco-Friendly?

Garbage disposals are one of the easiest ways to stay green. They allow a person to dispose of waste rightfully, rather than tossing it in a garbage bag that will end up in a landfill. Food waste that goes to landfills creates methane gas which is dangerous to all living organisms.

  1. Many water treatment facilities will gather the food scraps and have them turned into energy. Not all treatment plants are capable of this, but many of them have the proper machinery and tools to do so. They realize the importance of keeping food waste out of the landfills, as well as the significance of having the waste turned into renewable resources.
  2. It has been stated that garbage disposals can actually help reduce global warming. By keeping the food out of landfills, global warming will be significantly reduced. While one household’s food waste being properly disposed of doesn’t do much for the environment, when combined with other garbage disposal users the reduction of global warming is more likely.
  3. Garbage disposals act similarly to composting methods. Since the scraps are ground into tiny particles and sent to the water treatment facility, they stand a good chance at becoming fertilizer. A lot of facilities are using the food scraps not only for ways of creating energy, but as fertilizer due to their nutrients.

Not only are garbage disposals extremely convenient to have, they can help you to become greener. With food waste being one of the most prevalent and hazardous types of waste making it to landfills, a garbage disposal might be the best option for your household. Your food scraps will be cared for properly by simply having a garbage disposal installed.

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