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Tips To Selecting A Green Bathtub Faucet

January 5, 2016 by

Selecting bathroom faucets is a task all on its own. There are so many different faucet types to choose from and the options can quickly become overwhelming. A great number of homeowners are purchasing green faucets, especially for their bath tubs. These faucets are designed to be stylish, functional and environmentally friendly.

Green Bathtub Faucet

While on the hunt for the perfect green bath tub faucet, there are some things that you will want to take into consideration or decide upon. Without any knowledge of what you need or want out of a faucet, shopping for one could become time consuming and tedious.

  • Determine whether your bath tub requires a floor mount, wall mount, or a deck mount faucet. Freestanding tubs will often need floor mount faucet systems. This is when the pipes are exposed from the floor to the tub. A wall mount is when the faucet comes directly out of the bathroom wall and straight into the hole drilled within the bath tub for the faucet head to go through. A deck mount requires the faucet to be attached to the flat surface of a bath tub as it arches over into the tub.
  • If you have yet to purchase the bathtub you want, you must make that decision before buying a faucet. You could purchase the faucet first, but it is much more difficult to base a bathtub style off of a faucet purchase. Vintage bathtubs can be especially hard to find faucets for; usually you will need antique faucet styles to complete the look and functionality. Antique faucets cannot be found in environmentally friendly styles.
  • The quality of the green bath tub faucet you choose should be relevant. Check out reviews and ratings of different green faucet types before you make a purchase. The faucet should be proven to efficiently cater to green initiatives while functioning as any faucet should. It should also be made of eco-friendly materials, yet provide durability for a longer lifespan.
  • Decide on a finish for the faucet. What type of finish do you desire for your bathtub or bathroom fixtures? Try to select a green bath tub faucet with a finish that matches the other hardware within the bathroom.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of your desired bath tub faucets. Do they cater to the wants and needs of your desire to be environmentally friendly? Do they fit nicely within your budget range? Do they come with guarantees or positive feedback?

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