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When Do You Need To Replace Your Sewer Line?

January 20, 2016 by

As an untrained person, trying to decipher when you need to replace your sewer line will be something you more than likely can’t decide upon on your own. This is why it is always best to allow the professionals to come in and conduct an inspection. They will check out certain aspects of your plumbing and sewer line, and then make a seasoned judgment. Luckily, many homeowners will never experience a sewer line replacement.

Sewer Line Replacement

There are some ways you can tell for sure whether or not you should have your sewer line replaced. These methods will help you to open up your eyes to the possible sewer line issue. You may then want to contact a plumber for assistance.

How to Tell If Your Sewer Line Must be Replaced

  • There will be visible leakage coming from the line. Puddles of water or even very moist soil may be indicators that the sewer line is ruptured.
  • You smell something foul coming from outside. If you have any puddles that are omitting a horrible odor, keep all pets and family members away. Contact the plumber for an inspection right away. The water is more than likely sewage and can make anyone who comes in contact with it ill.
  • If you are constantly experiencing clogged drains or backflow, this might mean you are in the market for a new sewer line. It could be blocked for a number of reasons, but you will definitely want to have it checked out. It is possible that a tree root has disrupted the flow or that there is a major clog somewhere deeper in your sewer line. Most sewer lines will last upwards of 100 years. The material the sewer line is made of will determine the longevity of the plumbing. Typically, copper is used due to its durability and ability to last. As long as you maintain the health of your sewer line with regular inspections and proper maintenance, a sewer line replacement will be less likely.

In order to keep your sewer line in tip-top shape, always contact a plumber when you have some sort of plumbing issue. Trying to correct a clog, leak, or other problem on your own, could lead to a costlier disruption. Allow the professionals to fix the plumbing issue using their state-of-the-art tools and superior knowledge. They will get the job done right and prevent a more damaging problem that could affect the entire sewer line in the future.

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