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What Should I Do With Old Clothes?

February 24, 2015 by

Many of us let old clothes gather dust in our homes over time. The clothes we collect take up large space within the property, which prevents you from using your home to its potential and prevents the clothes from being used for other purposes.

Repurposing Old Clothes

One of the challenges many face is that they’re unsure of what to do with their old clothes around the home.

To help you go green while cleaning your closet, we’re outlining a few ideas on how to make use of older items!

Donate them to Used Clothing Stores

Local used clothing re-sellers, such as Value Village, will take your used clothing and sell it to those seeking affordable pricing on wearable items.

Value Village is a charity store through which a large percentage of their proceeds go to other non-profits within the local community. Donating your clothes to these types of stores helps create space in your home while boosting your local area and providing quality clothing for others to wear.

Eco-Fashion Shows

The founders of a recent movement have discovered a way to make those old clothes new again by presenting eco-fashion shows, whereby models show off items either made from recyclable clothing or clothing that has been crafted using sustainable business practices.

By donating to a local eco-fashion show organizer, you can ensure the material from your clothes is re-used and prevent it from being sent to landfills across the region.

DIY Re-Purposing

By following tutorials created by online fashion specialists, you can easily re-purpose old clothing to create new and stylish items that follow the latest trends. Tutorials will show you how to repurpose oversized t-shirts and turn them into hip skirts ready for summer! They can help give new life to your wardrobe and ensure you save money while retaining your style.

Sell them to Consignment Stores

While the vast majority of old clothing items might not be in saleable condition, you might find that rare brand name item that has value for a future buyer. These older items can be sold to consignment stores who will then sell them to others in your region for a slight profit. This process helps keep high quality clothing in circulation and prevents items stagnating at the back of wardrobes and closets.

Give your old clothes new value by considering the options in this blog article. The new wave of environmentalism across the country means there’s now many ways to repurpose those old clothing items!

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