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9 Items You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

March 2, 2015 by

Flushing things down the toilet may seem like a convenient way to dispose of certain items. However, this can be an expensive mistake, and often one that has a negative impact on the environment.

Flushing Toilet

Flushing inappropriate objects down the toilet can clog your pluming system to the point where a plunger will be of no use, and cotton items can easily get snagged in the cracks of your piping which will clog after a few flushes. These items can even lead to toxins being introduced to your town’s water supply.

Nine Items you should Never Flush

  1. Cigarette Butts
  2. Diapers
  3. Dental Floss
  4. Tampons
  5. Dryer Sheets
  6. Napkins
  7. Paper Towels
  8. Band Aids
  9. Hair

How to Fix a Clog

More often than not, a clogged toilet can be fixed with a plunger. A plunger is inexpensive and a handy tool to have around in the event of a clog, but if this doesn’t provide the desired result, you can attempt to resolve the issue with a drain snake.

A drain snake is a long coiled wire that you feed down the toilet until it reaches the object creating the clog. Many clogs can be resolved without having to call a plumber, but frequent clogs can often mean that there is a larger issue at hand.

Make sure to wear rubber gloves when you are trying to unclog your toilet to avoid coming into contact with bacteria. To protect your bathroom floor, lay towels and newspaper down on the floor to soak up the water if your toilet is over flowing. Before you attempt to resolve the clog on your own, be sure that the water supply is turned off.

Only Flush Environmentally Friendly Products

It’s not only important to be cautious of what you flush so you don’t cause clogs; you need to make sure that you’re staying green!

Most of us tend to reach for the first cleaning product on the shelves, but after the toilet is cleaned and the mess is flushed away, these harsh chemicals go right along with it. The same goes for non-biodegradable toilet paper and similar sanitation products.

Look for green-friendly logos on your bathroom products before purchasing to ensure that you’re not unknowingly becoming an enemy to the environment!

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