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Six Ways To Avoid A Water Waste

April 30, 2015 by

Water is one of Earth’s most precious resources. And the water supply is not infinite – in fact, it’s getting smaller every day, and water shortages are already a fact of life in many parts of the world.

Water Conservation Tips

So reducing the amount of water we all consume is key not only for ourselves (think of those water bills), but the world as well.

Crack down on wasteful water use with these handy pointers.

Swap water-wasting fixtures for water-saving ones

Toilets, showerheads and sinks can be big-time water hogs, as can washing machines and dishwasher. They’re also an area where water-efficient changes can significantly cut down your water usage.

Even the simple traditional faucet will use more water than it needs – but can be made more efficient through using an aerator. Low flow toilets alone can save you more than 190 litres a day. If you’re going to make your home more sustainable, consider starting here.

Save that rainwater

Don’t let rain go to waste. Place a rain barrel under your downspouts to catch the water, and channel it to the garden using a water cistern.

Stop those drips

Leaky toilets and dripping faucets will slowly but surely waste dozens of litres of water in a single day. So tighten the faucets and for a more permanent solution try faucets that work without washers.

Improve your water behaviour

Saving water can be as simple as being aware of how much water we use. Little tweaks can have a big impact on your water use. So try turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, and shorten the length of shower. Or, if you hand-wash dishes, fill the sink with soapy water and turn off the taps while you scrub.

Lawns and water use

Our gardens and lawns can soak up too much water. This doesn’t have to be the case. To start, consider seeding your garden with plants suitable for the local climate. And, when you do water, do it at night, so less water is evaporated by the daytime warmth.

Reuse “grey” water

Water used for home uses like showering, dishwashing and washing clothes can be recycled using a special home water recycling filtration system. Even more simply, if you have a fish tank, dump it on the lawn or in the garden to reuse the water.

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