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How to Save Water with Your Toilet Tank

March 24, 2015 by

In a world where every dollar counts, it is important to understand the things you can do to save yourself some extra cash.

Saving Toilet Tank Water

You may not realize it, but your own toilet could be costing you a lot of money. Although the best and most efficient option would be to consult a green plumber, there are a few simple tricks you can do to keep that cash inside of your wallet.

Older toilets usually flush about five to seven gallons with every flush. Consider purchasing a low-flow toilet. This type of toilet uses roughly one and a half gallons per flush.

If this isn’t a convenient option, another tactic you can try is water displacement. Placing a brick or a filled bottle of water in your toilet tank will decrease the amount of water used when flushing. Displacing the water in your toilet tank is a great way to save money, just be sure that the toilet is using no less than two gallons of water per flush.

Check Your Toilet for Leaks

Checking your toilet for leaks takes no more than a few minutes.

Small leaks dripping at one drop per second can equate to seven or more gallons of water waste per day, and a large leak may end up wasting up to 200 gallons of water a day! If the leak is small enough, it may not even affect the dials on the water meter.

How to Check Your Toilet for Leaks

  • Remove the lid off of the toilet tank
  • Put about ten to fifteen drops of food coloring in the tank
  • Place the lid back on the tank
  • Wait a few minutes and see if the food coloring appears in the bowl

Flush your Toilet Less

Limiting the amount of times you flush your toilet in a day can definitely save you extra cash. People use the bathroom roughly seven times a day. You might also want to consider having a waterless toilet inside of your home. A waterless toilet only needs to be emptied twice a year, but is only meant for the use of two people. Yet another option to avoid spending unnecessary amounts of cash on flushing your toilet is by installing a duel flusher.

Homes built before 1992 usually had toilets that used three and a half gallons per flush. After 1992, they disposed of the old models and started using toilets that only used a little over a half gallon of water per flush. A duel flusher has two different modes, one for flushing urineand the other for solid waste, which allows you to control the amount of water used depending on the action you took while using the restroom.

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