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5 Tips To Conserve Water In The Kitchen

February 6, 2015 by

You might be surprised by the amount of water you waste every day completing those simple tasks in the kitchen. Water wasting habits can be formed early in our lives, making these habits hard to break as we get older.

Water Conservation Tips

By recognizing the leading areas of water waste, you can help conserve water within the environment and reduce your overall water bills each month. Let’s review five tips to conserve water in the kitchen.

  1. Install a Sprayer on Your Faucet
  2. When added to your kitchen faucet, a simple spraying device can significantly minimize the amount of water you use in your kitchen. Sprayers distribute a smaller amount of water over a larger area, to help clean those large kitchen products without water waste.

  3. Always Fill Dishwashers Completely and use the Fastest Setting
  4. Simply waiting until the dishwasher is full before turning it on can help conserve many gallons of water within your home per year. It might be tempting to turn the system on when you only want a specific item washed, but this can lead to exceptional water waste. Faster settings also use less water, making them the most eco-friendly option on standard dish washers.

  5. Avoid Constantly Running Taps When Washing Fruit and Vegetables
  6. You may find yourself leaving the tap running when washing fruit and vegetables. This might be perceived as the quicker route to cleaning the products, but it will lead to more water waste over time.

    If you have many pieces of fruit or vegetables to wash, consider filling the sink with water and then washing them inside.

  7. Cook with Steam instead of Boiling Water
  8. Instead of boiling your vegetables, potatoes and other foods, use steamers to complete the cooking process. Steaming products can help you retain the flavour of the food while minimizing your water use considerably.

  9. Spot Clean the Floor
  10. We waste large amounts of water every week when we mop our kitchen floors. This water can be conserved by simply using a spot cleaning product or a dry cleaner to remove stains and dirt from kitchen surfaces. There are multiple high quality products that both reduce your workload and your water use in comparison to mopping.

Make a lasting impact on your home water bills this year by taking into consideration the guidance in this article. These tips will help you save time and become conscious of your water use habits. To discover more ways to conserve water in the kitchen, contact our trusted experts directly!

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