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5 Reasons For Taking Cold Showers

April 24, 2015 by

Maybe it’s time to think twice about the cold shower?

Cold Showers Benefits

Better for things other than just for waking you up with a snap adrenaline rush, not many people know that cold showers have benefits other than their sobriety-inducing chilliness.

Warm up to the thought of hopping in for a cool shower by soaking yourself with the following cold shower benefits.

Your skin and hair love cold water

This is an eye-opener for a lot of people. Taking a cold shower actually fights against hair fizziness and even gives your locks a nicer shine. Meanwhile, your skin also loves cold water, as it doesn’t dry out skin like hot water does.

Improves your blood circulation

Unlike a warm or hot shower, a cold shower will actually increase your rate of blood flow, which means your body will pump more blood to your organs! Your cardiovascular system benefits from this, as does your blood pressure and arteries. A cold shower also improves blood flow to the brain, making you feel more alert.

Be a better athlete… or just become more athletic

Thinking about your usual warm shower after exercising? Think again. Recent studies have found that immersing yourself in cold water after resistance training helps your muscles adapt and heal. Scientists have also found that having a cold shower after regular exercise will help you and your muscles recover.

A cold shower can help your mood

A cold shower can help more than just your physical health. A 2008 study advanced the notion that a cold shower could possibly help those suffering from depression.

How? Being exposed to cold temperatures involves your sympathetic nervous system, which will release a chemical called noradrenaline that can counter depression. Dubbed “cold hydrotherapy,” cold showers are being researched for use a therapy to get relief from the symptoms of depression.

Build confidence and toughen your resolve with regular cold showers

It’s not easy to take a cold shower! When presented with an icy or too-cool wash, it seems every fibre of our body has one universal message: don’t do it! But having a cold shower will help build your ability to control your body, and remind you of the old saying mind over matter. The more cold showers you take, the quicker your body will adapt to them, reducing the chill you feel.

Best of all, cold showers are better for energy consumption as you won’t need the aid of your hot water tank. For more tips on how to make your shower green, contact Green City Plumber today!

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