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3 Winter Water-Saving Tips

January 2, 2015 by

Winter weather always puts a strain on day-to-day life. Normal activities like going outside naturally take longer to prepare for, especially when the temperature plummets below the freezing mark.

Water Saving Tips

But there are certainly many things to enjoy this time of year. Things like first the first snowfall and the many holiday festivities are something to be celebrated, but as far as other things are concerned, Old Man Winter can be downright stressful.

Take your home’s water usage, for example.

The dreaded problem of frozen and burst plumbing lines is not uncommon here in Canada, and one of the best ways to remedy the issue is not the most eco-friendly.

Smart winter water use

You may have heard that turning on the tap is crucial in preventing the excessive pressure buildup, and this is true. However, there is much more you can do keep your home’s water usage in check.

Particularly in this situation, it always helps to look at the big picture.

It’s becoming common among homes in extreme temperature environments to let the faucets drip slightly during the night to prevent a water leak from a burst pipe. Having a burst pipe can be expensive, and can cause major damage to your home’s electrical wiring, walls, and flooring. However letting the water run is far from going green.

Instead of taking reactive measures like this, homeowners should take proactive measures by winterizing their pipes before the cold season hits.

Conserve and protect

Instead of running the tap on sub-freezing nights, you should make sure your water lines are thoroughly insulated, including all outdoor spigots. The team at Green City Plumber can prepare your plumbing for the winter while remaining an environmentally responsible option.

You should also know the precise location of your master shut off valve and how to turn it off. We cannot stress this enough; in the event of an emergency (like a burst pipe), you will need to act quickly. Too many houses have been flooded due to homeowner ignorance.

The cardinal rule of preventative plumbing maintenance in the winter is to always check for leaks. These can originate in pipes, faucets, hose connections, and hoses. Even the smallest trickle can end up costing you big time in the long-term.

Water damage is one of the worst things your home can be subjected to, so make the smart move by hiring a local, green plumbing contractor to perform a detailed inspection. This will give you peace of mind and could potentially save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in unexpected repair bills during this already difficult season!

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