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What Sump Pump Size Do I Need?

January 29, 2015 by

Every home needs a sump pump to safeguard their basement from potential flooding disasters.

Sump Pump

This is particularly true in regions that experience a high amount of annual rainfall and for properties that are located in low-lying areas. Water leaks and excessive moisture can be a silent and deadly downfall for any house, so it’s imperative that you install a sump pump that’s large enough to accommodate your home’s drainage needs.

Once installed, these devices typically require little to no maintenance, but nonetheless, many people are unaware of what size to buy.

This depends on a number of factors, so be sure do enough research into the various models before making a final purchase.

Of course, you can always contact your friends at Green City Plumber for advice! One of our technicians will gladly assist you and tell you what type of sump pump will work best.

A no-hassle guide to choosing the right sump pump

Contrary to popular belief, sump pump size determinations are not made because of how large a home or its basement is. Rather, it all comes down to effective moisture management. How much your home receives is contingent on its location, namely where its foundation lies with respect to the water table.

It’s also important to remember that a sump pumps horsepower size is more important than its overall dimensions, as this is the part of the motor responsible for the actual pumping. The rate with which the pump can transfer water outside is crucial for flood prevention, and this is why these devices are sold on a power (as opposed to size) basis.

In general, there are four types of sump pumps you can purchase: .25, .33, .50, and 1 horsepower models.

Most homes come standard-equipped with a .33 sump pump when built, but .25 types are common in some areas. They are a little less powerful, but are budget-friendly.

A .5 HP pump has the capability of pumping 3,000 gallons of water per hour, and this is more than most homeowners will ever need. These kinds are typically used in commercial buildings. It’s rare to find a 1 HP sump pump in a residential property, but they are available for people who are looking for maximum flood protection.

The key factors to consider when buying a pump are where your foundation is located on the water table, how deep the groundwater is, and the extent with which your drainage system coincides with the pump.

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