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Save Water By Installing Dual Flush

July 22, 2015 by

You can install low-flow shower heads and faucets to reduce water consumption in your home, but what can you do to improve water use for the toilet? The answer is dual flush toilets, which are the standard for newer homes. They give you the option to use more water or less depending on the situation.

Saving Water By Installing A Dual Flush

How dual flush is better than single setting flushes

Old toilets have a handle that works by filling the bowl with a high volume of water, pushing waste down the drain. The amount of water that is piped in is the same, regardless of the material and amount of waste that’s being disposed. Dual flush lets you choose between high volume (good for solid waste) and low volume (for liquid waste, tissue paper, and smaller disposals).

There are tricks that you could do to reduce the amount of water your toilet uses ranging from home-made solutions such as putting a brick in the tank, to purchasable features like gravity flush and pressure assists.

The benefits of using a dual flush toilet include:

  • It’s a simple mechanism for reducing water use, resulting in less chance of breaking through use
  • The high volume setting helps for large amounts of solid waste
  • Its’ easy to use

The installation of a dual flush toilet is by and large the same as putting in a single-setting toilet. It’s possible to do on your own, but hiring a professional means less work and less hassle for yourself.

If you’re handy, here’s refresher on the steps for installing a dual flush toilet:

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Empty the toilet bowl by flushing it until the water is gone
  • Disconnect the supply hose
  • Disconnect the tank from the bowl and unscrew the bolts that hold the fixture to the floor
  • Remove the toilet carefully, as it will be heavy
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which should tell you how to form a proper seal on the gasket or wax seal
  • Connect the adapter to the drain line
  • Set the toilet in the position you would like it to be, and affix it using the new bolts
  • Connect the water tank, supply hose, and water line

Dual flush toilets are the environmental choice, so if you’d like to extend the life of your old toilet, there are also kits available that replace the single-setting.

Installing a new device should only be done by a professional. If you’re looking to go green in your bathroom, call the experts at Green City Plumber today!

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