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Plumbing Issues You Should Never Try DIY

July 21, 2015 by

The ads for hardware stores will give you the idea with the right tips and right products, you will be able to solve any home repair. It can’t be that hard to be handy, right? Well, professional plumbers go through years of schooling to be able to get the job done, and the following issues are examples of plumbing repairs that you should not attempt.

Plumbing Issues You Shouldn’t DIY

Home renovations

Even if you’re skilled at woodwork, that doesn’t mean that you should try to install the plumbing and electrical in the bathroom or washroom. Plumbing is a job that should be done correctly on the first attempt because redoing the job will only add to the length of time spent on construction, as well as the cost. Furthermore, leaky or burst pipes can lead to water damage, which will create greater problems.

Sewer lines

If you’ve never worked on sewer lines before, it’s hard to imagine the amount of work that goes into it. The job is labour intensive, even with the right tools, as it may involve digging and fitting heavy pipes together. It’s also messy and will probably have you contorting your body to reach the pipes since most pipes are tucked away in inconspicuous areas.

Fixing clogs in the pipes

Drano has strong chemicals which consumers assume will clear away any problems within the pipes. The truth is, certain clogs will not be removed with Drano, and all you’re doing is exposing the inside of the pipes to harsh chemicals that will eat away at the metal. If a few solid pumps with the appropriate plunger doesn’t do the trick, these severe chemicals will not be able to help, either.

Installing fixtures

Plumbing pipes look heavy and sturdy, but they can be damaged. While lifting sinks and bathtubs, it’s easy to knock these pipes around, bending or even cracking them. Pipes should be taken care of as they need to stay as intact as possible to carry the water away, not to mention scratching or chipping the fixture itself.

Makeshift leak repair

Using half measures to fix a leak is a non-permanent solution that might end badly. If you tried to tape up a leak with duct tape and then left for a week-long holiday, you may return home with more damage than you bargained for. Glue, tape, containers, and any other home-made solutions are no replacement for one call to a professional.

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