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Handy Tips To Analyze A Running Toilet

August 10, 2015 by

An undetected leak in your toilet is a constant drain on your bank account as your water bill skyrockets. Also, a leak that is unattended to can lead to much larger issues that may force you to replace your entire toilet. Avoid these costly outcomes by frequently checking your toilet for leaks with these handy tips.

How To Analyze A Running Toilet

  1. Your first step is removing the lid to the tank that holds water at the back of your toilet; this will reveal all of the internal parts that you need to check in order to analyze your running toilet.
  2. Ensure that your flush lever is connected to a chain from the inside of the toilet’s tank. This chain should be connected to a rubber flapper. Press the flush lever down—the rubber flapper should lift up. If this does not happen, then the chain is too long, and you must shorten the chain. If you release the flush lever and the rubber flapper is not completely covering the hole, the chain is too short and you must lengthen it.
  3. Sometimes, a dirty rubber flapper may cause your toilet to run. Remove the rubber flapper from your toilet’s tank and clean it thoroughly. This will ensure that it can adequately plug the hole in your toilet’s tank when necessary.
  4. There is a rubber balloon-like object that is connected to a rod inside the back of your tank. This balloon floats on the rising water in the tank until the water reaches an adequate level. If the rod is bent in either direction, the toilet’s tank will either fill up too much, or not enough—both of these situations will cause your toilet to run. Flush your toilet a few times and observe where the water level stops in your toilet’s tank. Your best bet is to bend the rod connected to the balloon in order to stop the running toilet at the adequate water level. If the rod will not bend, you may need to call a professional plumber.

Use these handy tips to avoid a hefty water bill in the future.

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