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Five Innovative Sinks

June 1, 2015 by

If you’re thinking of updating your bathroom or kitchen, the sink is a great place to start. You spend a lot of time standing over it, especially twice daily while you’re brushing your teeth. Finding the right type of sink for your bathroom or kitchen can be tricky, but these five innovative sinks should offer a push in the right direction.

Innovative Sinks


Imagine walking through a Japanese garden. Think of Koi fish as they swim peacefully in their pond. Breathe in and enjoy the smell of jasmine and lilac as you sit down on the freshly manicured grass. That’s exactly the feeling that Zen sinks inspire.

A sink made of organic materials can really bring out your inner Zen and can help you stay green. Find one that mimics the shape of that Koi pond you were just picturing and you can use your bathroom to meditate and shut out the chaos and noise of your everyday life.


You’ve no doubt heard of dual sinks. You may even have a model in your kitchen or bathroom, but have you heard about the dual toilet and sink? Equipped with Smarthflush® technology, this green invention combines going to the bathroom and the handwashing that follows in the same appliance. The sink is housed on top of the toilet’s tank and when you flush, a control is triggered that allows fresh water to flow through the basin spout before the same water fills the cistern tank. The dual sink and toilet is innovative and a real space saver, perfect for small bathrooms and water-closets.


This sink isn’t actually pipeless, but it creates the illusion that it’s sort of floating as the pipes are hidden in the walls! The water flows along a slot found at the front of the sink’s basin into a connection in the wall that you can’t see unless you’re really looking for it. The only downside to pipeless sinks is that you lose the under-the-sink storage area.


Pebbles, rubber, your old sink – anything really – can be turned into a gorgeous new sink. By repurposing old materials you are helping the environment by recycling and you’ll probably end up saving a few bucks too.


Whether you choose a chrome finish or a delicate porcelain white, a minimalist sink will never go out of style. They are easy to match with the rest of your bathroom’s design scheme and add a touch of class to any kitchen. Opt for a simple design that is functional and gorgeous.

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