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Do Canadians Care About Conserving Water?

October 9, 2014 by

shutterstock_217036258Most of the planet’s fresh water is unevenly distributed. Some countries like Canada are more fortunate to have a disproportionate larger share of the world’s water supply. MostCanadiansdo not give even a second thought about water supply shortages.

But worldwide, on a global scale, about 2 in 10 persons or 1.1 billion people have no availability of affordable safe drinking water. 50% of the world’s population or 2.4 billion persons live without access to minimum standard sanitation facilities.

According to Popular Science some of earth’s water may have actually existed before the Sun was born. While water may seem infinite to North Americans, the fact is that only a tiny portion of earth’s water is fresh water, namely1/3 of 1% or 0.0033% of the entire water supply on earth is fresh water.

The vast majority of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border. As a result, the amount of fresh water consumed is proportionally greater within this area. EPA reports that Great Lakes Basin contains the largest source of fresh water in North America. It also represents approximately 21% or the entire surface supply of fresh water. 8.5 million Canadians or about 25% of all Canadians rely on the Great Lakes for supplying their drinking water.

Canadians are lucky in that 20% of the world’s fresh water is located right here in Canada. Most Canadians have become complacent about preserving fresh water, thinking that fresh water in Canada is an unlimited resource.

Canadians have to start rethinking their smug position.

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