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Replacing a Toilet Riser Tube

June 16, 2015 by

Toilet riser tubes are the contraptions in your commode that let water flow from the bottom to the top. Water comes in through the bottom of the riser tube and leaves through the top. The fill valve, which is also connected to the water supply like the riser, shuts the tube when the tank fills, otherwise your toilet would overflow every time you flushed it.

Replacing Toilet Riser Tubes

Unfortunately, riser tubes wear out and need to be replaced. This is a very easy task to complete and if you follow our 10 steps, it’ll be a breeze.

  1. Turn off the toilet’s water. You can do this by shutting off the value under the tank that juts out from the wall or floor depending on your setup.

  2. Give your toilet a flush by holding down the handle until the tank drains. If it only partially drains, you can sponge lingering water out.

  3. Take a bucket and put it under the tank to capture any stray water.

  4. Disconnect the supply tube from the toilet tank by turning the nut that connects the bottom of the tank to the supply hose.

  5. There should be a nut sitting above the one you just took out. Remove it because this is what is keeping the riser fastened to the tank. The nut may be tricky to remove in which case try loosening it with spray-on lubricant.

  6. Now, the rubber fill hose will need to be unclipped from the overflow tube so you can lift out the riser.

  7. With a tape measure, gage the distance from the tank’s bottom to the top of the overflow tube (it should be marked or say CL). Then, adjust your new riser by twisting it to that distance, plus 1 inch from the bottom.

  8. Fit a rubber washer to the bottom of your new riser. Then, insert it into the hole at the bottom of the tank. Next, you’ll need to place a second washer over the threads found underneath the tank. Hold the riser as straight as you can and screw in the remaining nut.

  9. The supply hose will need to be screwed back into place onto the riser. Do this by clipping the rubber hose on top of the riser to the overflow tube. Make sure that the tube is pointed into the tank otherwise water will spray out from under the tank’s cover.

  10. Almost done! Turn on the toilet’s water and watch the tank fill up. Finally, adjust the float ensuring the valve shuts off after the water reaches the fill mark on the riser.

If your notice any leaks after you’ve replaced your riser, just re-tighten the nut.

Although this is an easy task for those familiar with their plumbing, it’s not always easy for those who haven’t DIY’d toilet problems before. If you need help replacing your toilet riser tube, contact Green City Plumber today!

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