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Green Solutions To Unclogging Your Drain

July 15, 2015 by

Before you reach for the Drano to unclog a sink that’s draining too slowly, consider options that are greener and safer to use! Drano and similar products contain toxic chemicals that aren’t just bad for the environment, but they corrode the inside of your pipes and drains.

Green Solutions To Unclogging Your Drain

Let’s review other steps you can take the will help you clear your drains without using harsh bathroom products!

Good old elbow grease

Some clogs can be loosened by jostling the water below or above it.

First, start with the appropriate plunger for the problematic fixture. The small plungers with the brown, rubber end are meant for sinks, while the large, dark plungers with the longer handles are for the toilet. Next, make sure you have a good seal on the hole, and then give it a pump. You should wear clothing that can withstand getting dirty as water may splash upwards.

Snake the drain

This option also uses the sweat of your brow to power it, but there are risks involved. A drain snake is like an extension of your finger that allows you to reach the clog directly. You will need the right snake drain, or you might end up damaging your pipes, which is a far worse problem than a simple clog. You will move the snake along until you feel the clog, hook the mass with the end of the snake, and pull it out.

Using your fingers

Sometimes the clog forms near the surface, such as hair that gets caught in the bathroom sink’s plug. Simply pull the plug as far upwards as it will allow and remove the debris, which will probably include hair and other residue.

Homemade solutions for unclogging

Baking soda and hot water should dissolve any goo that has formed in the pipes, plus it’s a treatment that can be repeated without damaging your pipes. If that’s not enough, you can also try a combination of baking soda followed by vinegar.

Hire a professional

If you are out of options, save the money that you were going to spend on a container of Drano and call a green plumber instead!

To prevent clogs from happening, keep your drains free from things like hair or food grease. If you follow these instructions, you shouldn’t face clogged drains, although it’s a good idea to always have a plunger at hand regardless.

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