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How can I go Green with a Low Budget?

December 3, 2014 by

If you have limited financial resources but are interested making your home a little greener to conserve energy and help the environment, the Ontario Energy Board has created a program specifically for you.

Going Green With Low Budget

LEAP – Low-income Energy Assistance Program – is composed of three packages that are designed for emergency financial assistance, energy conservation and special rules for qualified low-income customers.

These special rules state that your local social agency determines whether you meet the requirements, and whether you’ve received emergency financial assistance within the past two years.

To qualify, you must have a family income that falls below the set limit provided in this chart. Keep in mind that the amount of income you need to be eligible for this program changes yearly.

There are other factors involved such as the size of town or city you live in and the number of people in your family. Let’s say you live with your spouse and one child in Toronto and earned less than $41,000 before taxes. You would qualify for the program, as would the same family living in a rural area who earned less than $28,000.

The cost of living is greater in bigger cities and there’s also more pollution, which makes going green a great idea. Once you qualify for LEAP, your low-income status stays in effect for exactly two years from the date you receive eligibility.

You may have some energy efficiency upgrades in mind that LEAP can help with.

There are energy conservation programs offered that enable you to better manage your overall energy usage and retain lower household bills. If you are considered a low-income customer you can receive up to $500 in emergency assistance towards your electricity bills and up to the same amount for gas bills. However, this support is only for people who are behind in their bills or in arrears (debt). You will not be able to receive more than your bill and this service is only available to help those who are in dire need of financial assistance.

If you meet the requirements for LEAP, it may be ideal for you to enlist the services of a professional. You can consult a green plumber for information on which appliances are considered energy savers and how much they would cost to install in your home.

There are numerous options available making your household environmentally friendly, and with the help of the Ontario Energy Board and a green plumber you could have the most energy efficient house on your block!

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