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How to Renovate an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

March 6, 2015 by

Renovating your bathroom into a more eco-friendly room has become increasingly easier with the increase of new products made available for such purposes. Water and energy conservation are perhaps the two biggest ways in which you can make your bathroom more environmentally sound.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom
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By conducting thorough research and finding eco-friendly products and appliances to include in your design, you can renovate your entire bathroom into a greener place within the home.

Tips and Advice for Creating an Environmentally Safe Bathroom

    • Low-flow toilets are the latest in advanced technology. They lessen the amount of water being wasted with each flush.

Not only can you reduce water with a low-flow toilet, but you can replace the bathtub with a shower that also uses lower water pressure.

  • Reuse old countertops or use recycled materials to create new counter space. Reclaimed woods, old granite or marble, and other recycled materials can be sued to create a beautiful and eco-friendly surface for your bathroom.
  • Add more natural lighting in the bathroom. Skylights are always a great idea for any bathroom, but if this isn’t possible, simply do away with curtains and blinds. Use frosted or textured windows to keep neighbors from peering in. This will allow you to enjoy the room with sufficient light while not wasting energy with high-powered lighting fixtures like vanity lighting.
  • Purchase organic towels, rugs and washcloths.
  • Use environmentally friendly paints on the walls.
  • Recycled tiles and linoleum can be purchased for the flooring of the bathroom.
  • Only use environmentally safe or all-natural cleaning products in the bathroom.
  • Use a tankless water heater or short-run hot water lines.

There are numerous ways to create an eco-friendly bathroom in your home. Completing the green renovation will help the environment and even give you a sense of accomplishment. It is important that people start considering eco-friendly designs and renovations!

Why Is It Important to Be Eco-Friendly?

The environment is harmed by toxins every day. These toxins are released in the atmosphere, which will ultimately lead to increased damage and a bleak future for all living creatures. Becoming more eco-friendly and aware will lessen the damage being done to the environment. By recycling, reducing waste, conserving water and energy, and properly disposing of waste, we can further protect the land in which we live.

Completing an eco-friendly bathroom renovation is a huge step in the right direction. It will not only help you to reduce your water and utility bills, but it is further protecting the atmosphere.

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