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How To Create A Smart Home

April 7, 2015 by

Smart homes are all the buzz these days. It seems everyone is talking about using cutting edge computers and electronics to automate how their house operates. The result is not only a more comfortable home but more efficient energy use – which is better for the environment, as well as your utility bills.

Creating Smart Homes

But where to start when it comes to smart home upgrades?

Try these tips on for size:


The old fashioned ice box is no more. But so is the traditional fridge. Modern smart fridges have front panel LCD screens and are hooked into the Internet. This allows you to check your grocery list and even get information about your fridge from the front door. Smart fridges are also energy efficient, which will lessen your impact on the environment.

Smart locks

Keys are a thing of the past. Keyless technology now allows you to use your smartphone to open your front door just by waving your device in front of the sensor. Smart locks and their accompany smart phone apps also allow you to monitor who is coming and going from your home, and they also make sure the door is locked after you’ve left.

New light options

Controlling your lights is now more detailed than a simple on-off switch. Smart lighting technologies allow you to program your lights to bright slowly in the morning, helping you wake up naturally. For energy-saving matters, you can program the lights to turn on or off at set times, meaning you’ll never accidently leave the lights on again.

Dishwasher advances

Smart dishwashers, like their fridge counterparts, also now sport front-panel screens. These allow you to get detail information on your dishwasher’s cycles, and maintenance information to ensure your dishwasher is running optimally and most efficiently.

Energy-smart washing machine

What modern home would go without a smart washing machine? These cutting edge clothes-cleaners have enhanced awareness about energy usage. The low-demand devices can even be hooked into your home power system’s sensors. This means it will only run when your home’s power consumption and your utility’s energy rates are at their lowest – pretty smart indeed, and good for the environment and the electrical grid.

If you power goes out, you can even program it to start through your smartphone! Some even have a steam option, meaning you don’t need to waste time and energy ironing.

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