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How to Compost Properly

March 23, 2015 by

A compost pile can be created outdoors or indoors and is a great way to help the environment. Compost piles are rich and diverse in nutrients and can be comprised of various materials. Just about anything that is biodegradable can be put into the compost pile. People tend to put their table scraps such as bones, eggshells and even coffee filters into their compost pile.

Compost Pile

Composting helps improve the environment greatly because it reduces garbage built up in landfills. Saving money is also another benefit of having your own compost pile.

Among the many good reasons to start composting, one of the biggest is the fact that it’s so easy!Roughly 40 percent of household garbage can be utilized for your very own indoor compost heap.

What You Will Need

  • 20 gallon plastic tub
  • Sawdust
  • One pound of red wiggler worms

The first step is to drill a few holes in the bottom of the plastic tub so fluids can drain out. Prop the tub up with bricks or cinderblocks so air can circulate around it. You will want to place a plastic tray or an oil pan underneath to catch the fluids that leak.

Once that is done, add a material rich in carbon such as saw dust or newspaper, then moisten it with water.

To help with the smell, try not to put meat or foods high in oil inside of the compost pile. Anything you put in the pile should be mixed well with the saw dust. Worms cannot easily digest foods high in acid, so avoid adding fruits such as lemons and oranges to the mix. Also, make sure that the lid to your compost bin fits tightly.

Materials Used for Composting

  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Coffee grounds
  • Wood ash
  • Corn cobs
  • Teabags
  • Cardboard

Benefits of Composting

Many people tend to fertilize their garden with their own natural fertilizer because it saves them money and isn’t harmful to their plants. Many fertilizers that you can buy are loaded in harmful chemicals that can do serious damage to your soil and crops. Adding compost to your garden will reintroduce vital nutrients back into the soil which is great for plant life.

Creating your own compost pile is something that anyone can do. Not only is composting better for you financially, but it helps tremendously with the environment!

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