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Green Commuting Options

July 10, 2015 by

Transportation is a daily activity, so by making commuting more environmentally friendly, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of pollution you produce. Green commuting doesn’t always cost more for you because there are affordable options available, especially in the cities.

Green Commuting Tips

Stretch out your legs!

For places that are within a few kilometers, walking is a great choice that gives you low impact exercise and lets you get a breath of fresh air. If you own a bike, you extend the distance you can travel within a short amount of time, but if you don’t own a bike, there are ride share programs in larger cities within Canada.

Take the bus

Public transportation is not pollution-free, but the more people ride the subway, the less each trip pollutes per person on the trip. You can always combine driving with public transportation by taking the car part way, finding a parking spot, and completing the trip by bus or subway. When taking into account the cost of fuel and parking, public transportation is often a viable alternative.


Many workplaces offer flexible working conditions, especially if they would like to reduce the cost of rent, utilities, and other office expenses. You most likely will need a computer and connection to the Internet to complete your assignments so consider working from the comfort of your own home, or finding inspiration at facilities such as libraries and coffee shops since they offer WiFi.

Turning your car into the solution

Personal vehicles are inefficient for the cargo carried and the amount of fuel used. By decreasing your cargo, you can improve the efficiency of each car ride. Carpooling to work with coworkers who live nearby is a good solution, especially if your hours of work are similar. For long distance trips, ride share programs are also popular, plus you can defray some of your costs by charging your passengers a nominal fee.

Purchasing a more fuel efficient car

There are a handful of options available for drivers who want an eco-friendly car:

  • electric cars, such as Tesla
  • hybrid cars, including the Nissan Leaf
  • fuel efficient vehicles that can turn a litre of gas into several kilometers of travel, as in the Ford Fiesta

There are other ways of making commuting greener. Try ensuring that you’re taking the most efficient routes from one destination to another. Reduce the number of grocery trips you make in a week by making a list and buying everything at once.

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