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Green Activities to Do this Fall

September 9, 2015 by

As summer fades away, the leaves start to change, the days get shorter, and mornings grow chillier and more crisp. Fall season is almost here, and while you will miss the long summer days and warm nights, there’s an exciting but short season approaching. It’s best you start thinking about fun activities you can do to celebrate this autumn. Here are a few eco-friendly suggestions:

Fall Season Picnic

1. Have a Picnic

While picnics seem like a summer thing, fall weather is perfect for outdoor dining. For an environmentalist, it is very exciting to enjoy a healthy meal at the same time as enjoying the beautiful green scenery. To conserve resources and reduce waste, pack a few healthy, seasonal dishes, re-usable water bottles, non-plastic silverware, and cloth napkins in your picnic basket – or reusable bag – and head to one of your favorite parks. Before you leave your picnic spot, pick up all waste and food scraps so you leave no trace behind.

2. Go Hiking

The cooler and dryer weather means that there will be fewer insects and fewer people, making this a great time to enjoy the beautiful colors and crisp air of fall. Whether it is taking a walk around the country, strolling leisurely with your dog, or hiking in the nearest park, fall is a great time to experience magnificent scenery and beautiful weather with the perfect trail conditions. To conserve the environment further, carpool with friends when traveling to far destinations.

3. Go Mountain Biking

If you like cycling, you can mountain bike year round, except in the dead of winter with all the snow and ice. But being in the mountains in the chilly fall air surrounded by bright orange, yellow, and red flora all around you makes biking in autumn even more amazing.

4. Go Fruit-Picking

Many fruits come in season during spring, so you can find an orchard that offers apple-picking. It is even better if you choose to visit an organic farm to show your support for local farms practicing sustainable agriculture techniques. While at the farms, you can also enjoy homemade delicacies, like apple butter and apple pie.

Also, fall is synonymous with pumpkins, so you will notice many places, including grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops selling pumpkin products as well as whole pumpkins. You can also visit a local pumpkin patch to enjoy several fun activities like petting zoos, corn mazes, and hay rides, and make a jack-o-lantern.

If you visit your local farmer’s market, you may also want to stock up on other seasonal favorites like cucumbers, squash, kale, broccoli, and salad greens, instead of the imported, out-of-season items.

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