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Four New Ways You Can Go Green

August 7, 2015 by

As technology and trends change, we are presented with new ways to lower our environmental impact. We are also presented with new environmental challenges that must be faced. Here are four ways that we can have a positive environmental impact in today’s world.

How To Go Green

  1. Eat Locally Produced Organic Foods
  2. Over the last several years, there has been a strong movement towards sustainability in the food system. This means the availability of organic and local options is ever expanding. Indeed, for young people, there has never been a better time to be conscious of the environmental impact of their food choices, whether in restaurants or at home.

    This is an easy – and tasty – way that you can have a positive environmental impact every day.

  3. Telecommute to Work
  4. Telecommuting is the act of working from home, outside of a central office environment. By its nature, telecommuting saves workers from making a traditional commute. Traditional commutes made by car can have a large negative impact on the environment. Telecommuting saves emissions, and if widespread, can have a significant environmental impact.

    There is evidence that telecommuting is becoming more popular. In 2014, Reuters conducted a poll that found that about twenty percent of workers globally telecommute frequently, and ten percent work from home every day. It’s likely that telecommuting will become more popular as communications technology continues to improve.

    Businesses can also save money by having their employees work off site, so telecommuting can be a win-win deal. Readers are encouraged to suggest the possibility of telecommuting with their employers.

  5. Embrace the Sharing Economy
  6. The sharing economy refers to one using assets they already own to provide a service to others. The two most well know companies embracing the sharing economy are Airbnb, the online short-term rental platform, and Uber, the ridesharing service.

    Utilizing existing assets means that fewer assets need to be produced. This can have a profoundly positive impact on the environment, because the resources used to produce things will be reduced, as well as the environmental cost of disposing of waste assets.

    Readers are encouraged to seek-out services that leverage the sharing economy. Often times, using such services will result in added convenience and reduced cost – making for a win-win.

  7. E-Cycle Your Used Electronics
  8. This suggestion is quite simple. As consumer technology advances, the volume of waste electronics has increased. Disposing of your waste electronics properly will have a positive environmental impact.

When electronics are disposed of improperly, harmful chemicals contained in electronics can contaminate water systems. As well, precious metals contained in our devices will be lost. When electronics are disposed of properly, harmful chemicals will be contained, and the need to mine for precious metals will be reduced.

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