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Best Apps To Help You Go Green

August 5, 2015 by

You might want to do something to help contribute to environmental conservation, but where do you start? There are many ways you can do this, and here are a few mobile apps that can show you how:

Green Apps

Carma Carpooling

This app helps convert your daily commute into an eco-friendly trip. It works by helping you find people to share your commute, and the app website claims it can be cheaper than a bus.

Users add credit to individual accounts via credit card and 85 percent of the fare goes to the driver. Drivers have the option to give free rides to their favorites in the app. Carma has become popular in many major cities across the world.


This app is more like a discussion forum where you can discuss the environmental issues you are most passionate about. Based on the information you put in the profile, the app will suggest specific actions you can take.


Dropcountr connects you to your water utility company via your smartphone. Using this app, you can receive customized notices on droughts and leaks as well as information on water budgets. It also enables you to conserve water on a reasonable budget. This app is available for Android and iOS.


Ecoviate provides regular information on environmentally friendly activities as well as posts on products that can help you to save energy, conserve water, and reduce your impact on the environment in other ways. For added incentives, there are eco points and rewards that enable you to compare yourself with your friends, all in the name of social sustainability.


If you are looking for locally grown food, the Farmstand app directs you to the nearest farmers market. It provides information on each market, such as open hours and directions. You can also upload new markets or update existing information.


For the environmentally conscious consumer, GoodGuide is a useful tool for finding products that are safe, ethical, and environmentally friendly. Products on this app are rated on a zero to ten scale according to their impact on health, the environment, and certification. Each product is given an environmental rating and a society rating. For the environmental rating, resource use, environmental impact, and company transparency are important factors. For the society rating, the determining factors are: effect on consumers, worker safety, and impact on the community.

The app also provides a customized list of products based on the environmental issues you care most about.


The Oreoco app helps you to see clearly how each aspect of your daily life affects the environment. The app also allows you to see how your daily choices are linked to climate change. Thus, you can customize your actions to have a greater impact.

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