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7 Tips for a Green Renovation

March 9, 2015 by

Being green is important to the future of our environment. The overuse of energy, the lack of recycling, and the overall damage being done to communities is going to lead to calamitous damages in the future. To begin protecting the environment and to greatly reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of energy you waste, consider conducting a green renovation to your residential property.

Solar Panel Roof

Conducting a green renovation can be done in a variety of different ways. It truly depends on how much you would like to commit to becoming more eco-friendly. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is not only beneficial to you and your family, but to the entire environment. Each person that commits to green renovations is taking a huge step into a brighter future.

Tips for Eco-Friendly Renovating

  1. Use lighter shades of roofing tiles. Dark colors absorb sunlight which can make the home hot, whereas light colors will ensure a cooler home in the summer and a more balanced temperature during the winter.
  2. Up-cycle, reuse and recycle old items to create new pieces. Even use reclaimed wood to build the home or the furniture within the home.
  3. Make sure that the home is securely insulated. Walls, attics, windows and doorframes should all be insulated appropriately to reduce the amount of heat and energy being wasted.
  4. Purchase energy efficient products. Look for EnergyStar labels on all electronics and appliances.
  5. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs or even LED options to light the home. These light bulbs save energy, reduce the utility bill, and last longer than the widely used incandescent light bulbs.
  6. Use organic and eco-friendly products to create your home. Energy efficiency and waste reduction should be kept in mind while making purchases.
  7. Buy a solar panel, use a water collection system, and even create a compost area for biodegradable products used in the bathroom.

Becoming more environmentally friendly and creating a greener home is actually rather easy. As long as you share the need for environmental awareness and truly want to make a difference, you can get as green as you want when it comes to renovating your home! It all depends on your willingness to change habits, behaviors and even your lifestyle.

Creating a greener home and conducting green renovations can be done on one’s own, but there are many resources available to help you find eco-friendly products for home renovations. The need for environmental awareness is growing, and it takes effort to create a brighter and safer future.

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