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7 Green Benefits To Ditching Your Car

August 4, 2015 by

Ever thought of getting rid of your car in order to help the environment? Here are seven ways in which getting rid of your car could help make the planet greener:

Eco Benefits Of Not Using A Car

  1. Reduced CO2 Emissions
  2. The most obvious benefit to going without your car is the reduction of air pollution. Although what you do may seem like a drop in the bucket, it is one less car contributing to air pollution.

  3. No Car, No Need For Fuel
  4. Getting rid of your car also eliminates your gas bill. This reduces demand for the increasingly controversial fossil fuel, and contributes to the shift towards sustainable energy products.

  5. Fewer Scrap Cars
  6. If you happen to have a car that actually costs more to repair than to sell, then you should dispose of it properly. A scrap car can harm the environment by releasing harmful gases, so it is better to sell your car to a recycling company. You will have some cash in your pocket and you will have helped the environment.

  7. Less Noise Pollution
  8. Cars contribute to noise pollution, and this form of pollution is often one of the most overlooked threats to the environment. Noise pollution raises people’s stress levels and damages hearing. Choosing a quieter form of transport helps to reduce the level of noise pollution in populated areas.

  9. Helps Reduce Demand for Parking Space
  10. One of the biggest headaches associated with owning a car is parking. Not only are motorists under pressure to find suitable parking, cities and businesses are under pressure to provide it. Lands that would have otherwise been put to a more environmentally friendly use are converted to parking lots to accommodate vehicles. Fewer cars will allow available land to be converted to parks and gardens.

  11. Protects Wildlife
  12. Millions of animals die each year on the roads, and this is because animals are forced to cross hazardous roadways in their search for food. The increasing number of cars on the roads increases the likelihood of accidents with animals; therefore not driving your car could save an animal’s life. It is said that some species of animals are more likely to die from cars than natural causes such as predation and disease.

  13. Better Health
  14. Alternative modes of transportation such as walking and biking contribute to your overall health, and they also help you grow a better appreciation for nature, depending on where you travel.

Because of the distance you may be required to travel as well as the availability of transport, going without a car may not be feasible, however it is always good to reduce your dependence on your car as much as possible.

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