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5 Steps To Help You Go Green In The Office

February 23, 2015 by

The busy professional often has the will to commit to environmentalism, but may not have the time to create a cohesive plan around their working schedule. Fortunately, there are numerous steps the focused environmentalist offices can take to help improve the local environment!

Energy Savings Tips For Office

  1. Commute via Public Transportation to Work
  2. Instead of driving the car and waiting on the highway with thousands of other impatient drivers, why not consider taking the train or bus to the office? Commuting by public transportation is a great way to reduce the amount of toxic elements being released into the atmosphere by your vehicle. It can also help you get more work done in the morning time.

    Many people who have made the switch to public transportation have found their commute time can be the ideal foundation to a stress-free and productive work day.

  3. Optimizing Computer Use for Energy Efficiency
  4. We’re using computers every day at the office. From the moment we arrive, the screens are turned on and the power is being used. As a computer user, you can mitigate your impact on the natural environment by turning your computer and the power bar off when you leave the office for the day.

    During the work day, you can also set your computer to go to sleep automatically while you take short breaks from the area. This can help consolidate your energy use by as much as 70% throughout the work day!

  5. Paperless Office Work Processes
  6. It’s important to think before you print when you’re becoming a more environmentally-conscious professional. Consider digital storage and retrieval systems instead of storing important documents within filing cabinets on-site. Oftentimes, this can help reduce the amount of paper used around the offices, as well as keep the company more secure in case of a break-in or attempted theft.

  7. Choose Recycled Office Supplies
  8. There are now many leading brands offering recycled and recyclable office supplies. These products can help you cut down on your business costs while reducing the impact the organization has on the natural environment. Choosing recycled materials helps you become a part of a closed loop process in which fewer trees are being cut down for pencils, paper, sticky-notes and other supplies.

By taking exceptionally simple steps every day in the office, you can contribute to the preservation of the natural environment.

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