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Why Old Appliances are Wasting Energy

March 16, 2015 by

The waste of energy is a huge factor in the health of our environment. Energy waste includes the overuse of resources which will eventually be diminished as this use continues. The waste of energy also encourages power plants to produce even more energy which then releases CO2 into the atmosphere. This damages the environment and urges climate change. The waste of energy also raises utility bills and taxation.

Old Appliances

Older appliances aren’t usually as energy efficient as newer ones. As technology advances and environmental awareness becomes more prevalent, the need for more energy efficient and power saving appliances is necessary. Old appliances usually contain high levels of contaminants such as lead and beryllium. These toxins may leak which can cause living creatures including human beings, illness or even the death.

The Importance of Properly Disposing Old Appliances

Disposing old appliances in an appropriate manner can greatly reduce the risk of harmful toxins being released into the environment. When appliances are dumped off at a landfill, the contaminants can become detrimental to animals and any living thing within proximity. As landfills become increasingly overfilled and taken advantage of, these toxins become even more widespread and are released at a higher level which then affects our atmosphere.

The city in which you reside will more than likely have programs of recycling events where old appliances are welcomed. They then recycle, resell, reuse or properly dispose of the old appliances for you. It is crucial to take advantage of such eco-friendly programs within the community. Many regions have rules and regulations as to how to dispose of electronics and appliances. They even create recycling laws as the need for environmental friendliness becomes more obligatory.

What to Look for When Purchasing New Appliances

As you shop around for new appliances, you will notice that many reputable brands have now become more eco-friendly. EnergyStar ratings are marked on the appliances that are designed to help reduce the amount of energy being wasted. Many of these brands also try to create more eco-friendly designs and often use recycled materials for their new creations.

Energy efficient appliances will not only lower your utility bills, but they will reduce the amount of energy wasted, allowing us to slow the process of environmental damage being caused by human existence.

You should never believe that you can’t make a difference. Become educated and rid of old appliances wasting energy. Upgrading to more energy efficient appliances will be beneficial to you and your surroundings.

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