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What are Destratification Fans?

March 26, 2015 by

Destratification fans are used to ensure that cooling and heating systems aren’t causing your home to produce unnecessary energy. These fans make sure that the hot or cold air in your home is distributed evenly.

Destratification Fans
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These are beneficial for the environment because they help reduce your carbon footprint, as typical heating and cooling make up nearly half of the energy produced by homes and buildings!

Types of Destratification Fans and Products

  • Air Pear Free Hanging Fans
  • Air Pear Suspended Ceiling Fans
  • Designer Series Fans
  • Photohydroionzation (PHI) Cell
  • Fans Controls

Reasons Airius Systems are Beneficial

  • Reduces Condensation
  • Increases Lighting Lifespan
  • Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Works with Any HVAC System
  • Recycles Heat
  • Reduces Strain on Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Improves Comfort Levels

Without proper distribution, you can have a difference in room temperature from floor to ceiling. Destratification fans are great because they will keep temperatures consistent in every room. It is proven that installing these energy efficient fans can reduce energy costs by at least thirty percent, and additionally this type of fan is good for keeping air fresh in a quiet and efficient manner.

These fans provide a safer, cleaner and more comfortable environment to be in. More people are utilizing these fans every year to cut down on fuel combustion and increase productivity in the work place. Installing these fans is especially important inside of industrial facilities.

There are many ways to make your home or business more energy efficient. These efforts are becoming more relevant because of the high levels of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. These gases are caused by human activity and the combustion of fossil fuels. The Destratification fan is a clever way to recycle to air inside of our homes which is more cost efficient as well as energy efficient.

Reasons to Consider Installing a Destratification Fan

Among many of the reasons people utilize these fans is that they require much less maintenance. In some cases, utility providers might offer rebates for destratification fans.

Destratification fans keep the air consistent which causes less strain on light fixtures prolonging their life expectancy. Installing destratificationfans in your home is a great way to start becoming more energy efficient. Not only are they a great investment, but they are reasonably priced and offer a return on your investment of the money spent on energy used to heat and cool your home.

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