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Why Solar Panels are Becoming More Popular for Residential Homes

December 24, 2014 by

The solar panels you see on roofs around the province aren’t just a way to make the homes look futuristic: They’re helping your neighbours save hundreds of dollars every month on energy costs!

Solar Panels at House Roofs

Many homeowners are switching to residential solar power because it is an effective way to reduce electricity costs and their carbon footprint.

In Ontario, the cost of solar power is decreasing year after year which makes adding this type of energy system an environmentally sound decision that’s also a cost-effective one.

There are many reasons for people to choose a solar energy system for their home.

Due to its renewable source, once set up, this system is cost-free. It is a clean source of energy that provides long-term ecological and financial benefits. After installation, you will start to see a positive return on investment from a solar power system in as little as six months.

Why? The sun is free, so until the government decides to implement a ray-of-light tax, your solar panels will pay for themselves ten-fold!

Solar energy works by converting direct sunlight into current electricity with what is known as the photovoltaic effect (PV). A solar energy system requires no maintenance and for the most part, lasts a lifetime. You can hose off the panels once a year, or you can let the rain clean them for you, and unless you live in a high-tornado, low-precipitation area, you should see no problems with your solar energy system.

Smaller solar panel installations can be used to power outdoor items such as garden lights and swimming pools. You can power appliances and with a larger installation you can power your entire home. Powering your whole house will get you off the grid completely and you can say bye-bye to those pricey electric bills.

Solar panels are also a great resource in reducing your energy bills because they can be used to heat circulating water. A lot of and pool or hot tub owners are choosing to forgo their conventional fossil fuel heaters and are spending the money saved from their gas and electricity bills on solar panels to heat their recreational tubs, as well as solar blankets that help reduce further heat loss.

These panels work in ambient light and even if it’s foggy or overcast, you’ll still get all the power you need. Germany is actually the leader in residential solar panel systems and they don’t experience a sunny climate!

This renewable energy source is beneficial to your wallet and the environment. By installing solar panels you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and your electricity bill.

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