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Do I Qualify For The Capacity Buy Back Program?

February 12, 2015 by

One of the most pressing challenges within our society is water conservation. Many of us use too much water within our daily lives, and this has a negative impact on our environment and those around us.

The Capacity Buy Back Program

To help combat this problem, the City of Toronto has implemented their Capacity Buy Back program. The program encourages and rewards commercial and institutional organizations that reduce their water use. It also creates a system whereby the city can buy back water capacity that has been freed up by program members.

In this blog, we’ll further outline the program’s benefits and explain how you or your business can qualify!

A Program to Educate and Guide on Effective Water Use

The leading objective of the Capacity Buy Back program is to help organizations commit to effective water usage within their facilities and business processes.

The program also includes the following:

  • Identifying areas in which businesses can reduce water use
  • Oftentimes, company leaders don’t always know how to locate areas of water overconsumption. The Capacity Buy Back program leaders help businesses locate possible water reductions within their facilities.

  • Offering a rebate for saved water
  • A leading part of the program is the water cost rebate process, whereby businesses are given a 30 cent rebate per litre of water saved per average day. This rebate incentivizes businesses to take part in the process and improves their return on investment.

  • Helping participants save money on water use
  • By guiding businesses on effective water use and helping them complete the water conservation process, the Capacity Buy Back program directly reduces businesses water costs.

How You Can Qualify for the Capacity Buy Back Program

To qualify for the Capacity Buy Back Program and reap its many benefits, you must go through the auditing process.

To begin this process, contact the City of Toronto directly to express your interest in the program. You will then be visited by a program specialist who will complete a thorough audit on your business.

This audit will include the following analysis:

  • A determination on your current business water costs
  • A review of the your current water usage levels
  • An analysis on the potential savings available

Based on the results of the auditing process, the program’s specialists will determine whether your business qualifies for the rebates available through the program. Those who follow through with the process and become eligible to capitalize on the program’s benefits will have high-efficiency water performance within their business for years to come!

To learn about other ways your business can go green and save, contact our expert team today!

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