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Making Your Water Heaters More Energy Efficient

July 20, 2015 by

Countries around the world are taking steps to implement policy so that residents and companies are environmentally friendly. If your home is new, chances are your water heaters are more efficient than older models both by design and lack of wear and tear. Without investing in a new water heater, we’ve listed tips that will help with water consumption in your home, which is especially important since water heating accounts for 18% of your utilities on average.

Making Water Heaters More Energy Efficient

Keeping an eye on your water fixtures

Low flow fixtures reduce water consumption, which means you’re using less hot water when you shower, and your heater has to warm up less cool water. Aerating shower heads means you won’t notice the decrease in water pressure, giving you a good size spray in the shower. Leaky faucets also waste a lot of water over time.

Temperature control

You can adjust the controls in the storage tank so that you’re not using as much energy to maintain it at a specified temperature. 49 degrees Celsius is ideal, as that will provide you with enough warm water to take comfortable showers and rinse oily dishes.

You can also insulate the storage tank so it uses less energy, just make sure that you don’t obscure any of the control panel or dials. For natural gas or oil storage tanks, the top, bottom, and burner compartments can get really hot, so keep the insulation clear of those areas.

Consider using solar

Developments in solar powered technology have come a long way and it’s now more powerful than ever. Many homes in North America and Europe are powered by solar panels because of the natural heating, savings to the utility bill, and convenience. Solar water heaters either directly route the electricity harnessed to the water heater, and they’re known as active solar water heating systems, or skip the conversion altogether. Passive heating systems are better suited to naturally warm climates.

Replacing your water heater

For water heaters that aren’t that old, it doesn’t make sense to replace the unit, but energy saving tips can only stretch an old appliance for so long. New water heaters tend to be larger, which is an engineering choice, although that may present difficulties for older homes with less space. There are also ratings systems to help you navigate the wide range of products available on the market.

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