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What Is The Live Green Toronto Membership Card Program?

February 27, 2015 by

The environmentally-focused Canadian shopper has numerous options available to them when it comes to supporting their favourite green causes, but it can often be difficult to know which companies contribute to the local environment.

Live Green Membership Card Program

For Toronto shoppers, a new program has been designed to help bring together environmentally-focused individuals from across the community. In this blog, we’ll outline the key features of the Live Green Toronto membership card program and discuss the benefits of the program for those living in Toronto.

A Free Card that Helps Shoppers Support Their Local Business Community

The free Live Green Toronto card membership program run by the City of Toronto is designed to support businesses, residents and community groups that are having a positive impact on the local environment. Environmentally-focused individuals within the community can participate in the program by picking up their free membership card through city officials.

A Business Community Working to Improve the Environment

The program is based around a growing network of businesses in Toronto that uphold environmental practices to help keep Toronto an environmentally-friendly city.

There are currently over 500 businesses participating in the program across Toronto. When a shopper picks up their free membership card, they’re then able to show the card at various business locations to achieve discounts on foods, fashions, car shares, bike shares and city entertainment.

A Multitude of Benefits for the City and Those Living in the Area

One of the leading benefits of the program is that it’s designed to support local businesses. Members can suggest a business to participate in the program if they feel that business and its staff have environmentally-focused values.

Those interested in the businesses participating in the program can visit the Live Green Toronto website at to learn more about the business participating in the program and the special offers available.

Another of the benefits provided by the program is that the Live Green community is focused on outreach in educating people across the city about current environmental causes. It’s a program that will inform local residents about the events taking place in their community, as well as drive advocacy for important environmental causes.

With over 500 businesses now a part of the Live Green Toronto program, it’s the ideal time for those living in the Toronto area to become members and further show their support for the community. To learn more about the program, speak with our team members directly.

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