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Keeping Natural Gas Meters and Appliance Exhaust Vents Clear

March 17, 2015 by

Not enough people are concerned with the importance of keeping vents for appliances and gas clear and free of debris and other possible blockages. This is especially imperative for the safety of the home and everyone living in it.

 House Exhaust Vents

Blockages can cause for significant harm and should be avoided accordingly.

Why It’s Important to Make Sure Vents Remain Unblocked

  • Carbon monoxide could build up which is bad for the environment, and can become deadly at higher levels
  • The blockage of vents can create serious safety hazards as they increase the chances of appliances malfunctioning
  • The possibility of water getting in the vents can create a very harmful occurrence and possible electrocution
  • Blockages can cause a fire
  • The safety of everyone in the facility is being breached

How to Unblock a Vent Carefully

  • Carefully knock of ice or snow with an outdoor brush or small broom
  • Refrain from piling snow against the gas meter, equipment or vents on the exterior of the home
  • Use extreme caution as to not damage the gas line or appliances during blockage removal
  • Never use chemicals, salt or hot water to melt away ice or snow, as this could cause serious damage
  • Make sure that there are no leaks or possible ways for water to enter the vents or gas lines; repair broken eaves and gutters to prevent leakage near the appliance vents
  • Protect the area where vents exist by keeping it free from any obstacles and poor weather elements.
  • Contact a professional if you believe there are objects clogging the vent! They have special tools and equipment to conduct a safe retrieval of the object without damaging the vent in the process

The winter months are perhaps the worst on appliance vents and meters. It’s especially important to stay cautious during this time. Never allow ice or snow to build up and always use caution when trying to clear the area. You do not want to damage anything by accidently hitting it with a cleaning tool or even kicking it.

The safety of everyone inside is dependent on clear vents. Snow buildup, ice and other obstructions can cause for carbon monoxide build up as well as appliance malfunctions. This could cause illness, death, or house fires amongst many other serious issues. This can be harmful for both the environment and your family.

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