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Energy Saving Devices for your Home and Office

May 11, 2015 by

With energy efficiency on everybody’s mind, there are many new appliances, gadgets, and breakthroughs to help you save energy around the home and in the office. Here are some of the top energy saving devices that you can use to ensure your day-to-day activities are energy efficient and environmentally friendly:

Energy Saving Devices

Efficient Lighting

Modern LED and CFL bulbs are far more energy efficient than incandescent bulb designs. LED-based lights draw only 10 watts of power while on compared to the 50 watts of power required by standard incandescent light bulbs. LEDs also last up to 25 times as long, reducing waste as well as promoting energy efficiency in your home or office.

The Phillips HUE line of light bulbs is a particularly fun and efficient way to light any space and provides extra functionality: by using your smartphone you will be able to turn the lights on or off, adjust their brightness, and even change their color to create exactly the right ambiance for any mood.

Shower Alarms

Many people find that is it easy to lose track of time in the shower and end up wasting water. This is especially a problem for young children who are starting to bathe on their own. A handy shower alarm is a great way to curtail this habit and help children and adults alike develop environmentally conscious bathing habits. First, the shower alarm will assess your shower’s flow. Then you simply select how much water you would like to use for your shower and it will go off when that target has been reached. The Energy shower alarm is a great way of teaching children about water consumption and instilling good habits.

Self-Programming Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a great way to conserve power in the home but they can require a fair bit of fiddling to get right. That’s why the Nest thermostat has been designed to learn what temperature you prefer to keep your home at specific times of day. Once adjusted to your habits, it will remember for you, adjusting the heat and cooling at various times during the day to ensure optimal climate control and energy efficiency.

Smart Power Bars

Smart power bars are made to prevent vampire power usage by appliances and electronics when they are not being used. They are created with one control outlet and one always-on outlet. The rest of the outlets on the bar are controlled by the power flow to the control outlet. When on, the other outlets can be used as normal. However, when the control outlet it turned off, none of the devices on the other outlets (except the always-on outlet) are able to use power. The Smart Strip SCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip with Auto Switching Technology is one such power bar that can be used to curtail unnecessary power usage.

These inexpensive and highly useful home and office solutions can add up to significant energy savings, greatly reducing your electricity bill.

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