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What Is District Energy?

February 19, 2015 by

Building owners across the country are looking for ways to reduce their expenditure on energy. They’re finding that the costs of receiving their power directly from power plants is rising, liming the return on investment they receive for their property and its energy infrastructure.

District Energy Systems

Now, a new service is offering a local solution to this country-wide issue. In this blog, we’ll review District Energy Systems and their benefits.

What is a District Energy System?

A District Energy System is a system of thermal energy distribution connecting multiple neighbourhood buildings through a network of pipes surrounding a heating and cooling centre.

District Energy Systems have become a cost effective solution for building energy requirements because they incorporate thermal storage and clean energy, which combines heat and power from renewable energy sources.

What Benefits can District Energy Systems Offer?

Traditionally, buildings have relied on natural gas as the fuel for their heating systems. They’ve utilized electricity for their cooling demands, their lighting and various other applications. District Energy Systems are far more efficient than these typical power generation strategies.

Power plants remain vulnerable because they can be impacted by extreme weather conditions. Because they’re also usually located far away from the properties to which they provide power, power plants can also suffer technical failures, resulting in power losses for millions of homes.

Two main advantages of a District Energy System include:

  • Reliability
  • A district energy system is less vulnerable to the disruption caused by extreme weather and security issues. Because of the way the system is designed, it can remain operational even when direct power to the system is disrupted.

  • Connected Buildings Avoid Maintenance Costs
  • Because building owners don’t have power equipment within their properties using the district energy power creation model, they don’t incur maintenance costs due to faulty equipment. All outside equipment will be maintained by the power specialist. And the scalable nature of the system means that it can grow with the number of buildings in the area, reducing enhancement costs significantly.

District Energy Systems could change the way buildings receive their power in future!

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