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How To Create A Smart Home

February 20, 2015 by

Smart phones are now a ubiquitous element of our lives. In fact, smart technology is even becoming an important part of the home environment!

Smart Home Tips

There are thermostats that learn our routines and use the information to help us save on heating and cooling when we’re not in the home. There are air conditioners we can control from our smart phones, to prepare the home at the ideal temperature for our arrival. Smart technology is improving our lives and helping us reduce the money we spend on energy.

Smart Light Bulbs Helping Homeowners save on Electricity

Utilizing embedded motion sensors, products such as the Alba Smart LED light bulbs can detect where you are in the home, and turn the lights on or off depending on which room you’re in. These products are also designed to automatically change the tone of the light depending on current lighting conditions within the room.

Video Monitoring With Two-Way Audio Supporting Effective Home Security

Video monitoring technology has evolved considerably since the early days of grainy footage on small screens. The latest systems can record 720p video to ensure optimal visual clarity while away from the property.

Many of the leading systems also now offer night vision technology, providing 24/7 security for family homes. In addition, some also feature two-way audio to ensure viewers can communicate with those in the home during a potential security event.

WIFI-Enabled Doorbells with Motion Sensors

Another important security addition to the modern smart home, WIFI-enabled doorbells allow homeowners to see, hear and speak with individuals at their door no matter where they are in the world. The latest doorbells can be turned off and on through a smart phone, providing the ideal level of control for when children and others in the home are trying to sleep.

Smart Thermostats with Voice Control

Many homeowners are now integrating smart thermostats within their home to consolidate the amount of energy they use. Using smart thermostats, homeowners can set personalized schedules to heat up and cool down the home based on whether they’ll be using the property. Many of these systems can now be voice controlled, providing a seamless usage experience to help the homeowner save on energy costs over the long-term.

Going Green on Plumbing

Not everything smart has to be electronic! Many owners looking to advance their homes are installing green solutions to their plumbing equipment in order to save on monthly water costs. Depending on what you’re looking to do in your bathroom and kitchen, you can end up saving thousands every year on water bills.

Smart technology and green solutions can provide help ensure the modern home runs seamlessly and provides a personalized experience for the home user. As the technology evolves, systems are being tuned to help minimize waste and improve systems performance.

Thousands of Canadians are capitalizing on these tools as they become more conscious of the functionality of their home systems. To learn more, contact one of our specialists directly today!

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