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How to choose Energy Efficient Bathtubs

December 8, 2014 by

Usually, a bath uses more energy than a shower. This is because you are filling the structure with hot water instead of letting it drain right away like you would in the shower. A ten-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead uses less energy than a bath.

Energy Efficient Bathtubs

However, if you’re keen on taking a relaxing bath every once in a while, there are energy efficient tubs on the market that will keep you and your water warm without wasting power!

Hydrotherapy tubs that are equipped with silent whirlpool functions often use less energy than conventional bathtubs. They work on a recycle system that re-uses the heat generated by the pump by sending it back into the water.

This type of tub will keep you warm and keep your utility bills down, and are therapeutic and virtually noiseless, allowing you to read a book listen to music while you’re relaxing without hearing the whirr of jets and splashes as water is released into the bath.

If space is an issue, you can try a cast iron tub. This type of bathtub is usually smaller than whirlpool style spa units like the hydrotherapy models, but retain heat just as well.

They’re energy efficient and should you decide on a clawfoot model, they are easy to clean and posses the same soundproof characteristics as the more expensive therapeutic examples.

The most common type of bathtubs are made of fibreglass. They are easy to manufacture which makes them the most affordable option. Conversely, they do not retain heat like the other models. You may find yourself using more energy when you install a fibreglass tub because bath time won’t be a warm time.

Instead of constantly having to turn up the heat when you bathe, try a tub made of environmentally friendly materials such as polyurethane foam. This kind of foam is used to insulate other materials protecting them from the elements. A tub with polyurethane foam helps keep the bath’s temperature the way you like for up to 30 minutes of use.

If you’re unsure of which energy efficient tub is right for your home, you can always consult a green plumber! They are not only specialized in plumbing but in energy efficiency too.

With an energy saving tub in your bathroom you can relax while you bathe knowing you’re doing your part to help the environment.

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