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What Are The Benefits Of Wind Farms?

April 13, 2015 by

After many years of development and difficulties finding a fit in existing power grids, renewable electricity generated from wind farms is becoming increasingly popular.

Wind Farms Benefits

Travel across parts of the United States, Spain, Germany and other Western European countries, and you’ll likely see the telltale white blades of a major-scale wind farm – even the developing world is putting up the green-power wind turbines, as seen in India.

It seems like the time for wind farms has finally arrived. And why not? They’re a great and future-ready source of energy, and have several major benefits.

Cost-effective energy

Of the various types of renewable energy, wind farms are among the cheapest on the market today. Thanks to developments in the sustainable energy technology, the cost per kilowatt hour has now dropped to around five cents for many wind farm projects – making it very attractive on the cost-benefit scale.

A zero pollution energy source

Wind farms generate absolutely zero pollution, unlike conventional forms of energy generation. All they need is a reliable breeze to operate, and they will never run out of power. This is the reason why many wind farms are spotted along coasts, and on open plains where the wind is strong and reliable.

The cleanest renewable energy

Wind, and accompanying solar, is the cleanest form of energy on the planet. A wind farm consumes the most renewable energy source – the wind – and lets utilities replace heavily polluting existing energy sources, such as goal, with a zero-emissions solution.


Not many people know that wind farms are actually a source of solar energy – this is because winds are generated due to the atmosphere being heated by the sun, earth’s rotation and surface irregularities. This makes wind second to none when it comes to sustainable energy sources – sources that will never run out.

An entirely domestic energy source

Wind farms don’t rely on shipping in energy sources from overseas, such as in traditional fossil-fuel based forms of electricity generation. With few exceptions, most countries can easily adopt wind farms and make their energy grid renewable and emissions-free – which benefits not only their residents but also the entire world due to less climate-change causing emissions.

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