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Benefits of Biofuel Technology

December 4, 2014 by

Biofuel is more than the power we extract from plants- It’s actually a fuel that contains energy from a geologically current carbon fixation that occurs in plants and microalgae.

Advantages of Biofuel Technology

Although this technology is still emerging, there are many benefits to using a renewable resource such as biofuels. As of yet, biofuels have not replaced traditional fuels, but they are widely becoming an alternative.

One of the most attractive benefits is that the cost of biofuels are less expensive than other fossil fuels such as gasoline, which is refined from crude oil. The worldwide demand for oil often makes the prices skyrocket, whereas the price for biofuels remains the same.

Oil is also a limited resource that is found in very specific materials (crude oil), where biofuels can be made from many different materials such as crop waste, manure, and other byproducts. Yes, biofuels can be made of animal droppings, but it is recyclable and does not impact the environment in a negative way.

Unlike crude oil, we will never run out of corn, soyabeans, switchgrass and animal waste. If we keep planting crops, we will be able to produce biofuels!

Biofuels are renewable and unlike fossil fuels, they take less time to produce. New crops can be planted and grown, easily allowing for more biofuels to be made regularly.

What’s great for the local economy is that biofuels can be locally produced! This means that Canada’s dependence on our oil sands and foreign oils can diminish, reducing the entire country’s carbon footprint while creating sustainable energy sources at home.

Speaking of home, biofuel plants create jobs. Production for this energy source can employ people in rural and urban areas while providing a much-needed economic stimulation on the agriculture industry!

Circling back to the country’s carbon footprint, when biofuels are burned, their carbon output is considerably less; thus, fewer toxins are released into the atmosphere. Air pollution is reduced, and there are lower carbon emissions to worry about.

What about your car?

Biofuels are adaptable to current engine designs and execute properly in most roadside and weather conditions. A bonus is that cars that run on biofuels tend to smell better and are cheaper to run because they last longer. Biofuel run cars require less maintenance and emit less pollution than cars that use gasoline.

In the end, the use of biofuels is something to think about. By using this type of resource, we can reduce the amount of toxic emissions we release into the atmosphere and contribute to our planet’s livelihood.

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