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4 Surprising Ways To Save On Energy

July 2, 2015 by

Saving energy doesn’t always mean cutting back on activities and living a less interesting life. We’ve come up with a list of tips that sound surprising at first, but are actually common sense when you think about it. With a bit of creativity and planning, you’ll be able to enjoy your regular activities while you’re having fun saving on energy use — you might even want to share these tips with friends and family!

Energy Saving Tips

Making the best use of the sun

The sun is a natural source of light and therefore heat so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about heating and cooling costs in your own home. Even though you can’t really control the amount of sun that your house gets throughout the year, deciding to let the light in will change the temperature of the affected rooms. Using blinds, curtains, or other methods of preventing light from entering the windows of your home means your room will remain cooler than if the sunlight were allowed to filter into the room all day long. During the winter when it’s cold, consider leaving the window blinds open during the day, while in the summer, the blinds should be closed.

Grilling in the summer

Stoves and ovens act like a heater to warm a room, so cooking outdoors will really help your house stay cool.

Grilling is a great alternative that’s also fun and gives you an excuse to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Use a grill with a lid, thermometer, and preferably runs on propane in order to stay as environmentally friendly as possible.

Installing a charging station

It makes finding devices easier and you won’t forget to charge it for when you will need your gadget later. Purchase a power bar with a switch on it that holds enough plugs to charge all your favourite devices at once. Plug them all in and when you’re done charging, turn the power bar off. The idea is to strike a balance between not having enough energy and letting your utility bill be taken over by phantom power.

Consider putting in smart windows

The technology behind window glass is quickly growing from developing films that allow visible light in while blocking out damaging UV rays, to windows that are connected to a chip that controls the opacity of the window. Windows of these types are developed by tech firms all over the world, so keep your eyes peeled.

There are dozens of ways to save on energy costs. For more tips and tricks, connect with Green City Plumber today!

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