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4 Eco-Friendly Products for your business

January 5, 2015 by

Going green is far from a catch phrase these days.

Eco-Friendly Business

It’s indicative of a grander, global movement towards environmental-friendly measures and sustainability. Businesses that have decided to jump on the eco-conscious bandwagon have been rewarded with greater recognition, big savings, and a better brand image that an increasing number of consumers can relate to.

To be a part of the green trend is thus very important for both new start-ups and established brands alike.

For business owners considering changing their company to be in more line with the status quo, a number of options are available. The key to forming a commercial space that truly represents and encapsulates the green movement is to always think outside of the box.

Everything from specific product purchases to ousting paper documents in favor of the sole use of electronic copy and mailing systems should be taken into account.

Here are a few idea to help you get started, but it should be noted that this list is hardly exhaustive! There are always ways to improve upon your office’s goal of giving back to Mother Nature. Check back to Green City Plumber’s blog often for more ideas on how to get your business going green!

How to make your business better for the environment

A professional-looking landscape can turn heads, attract clients, and give your company the aesthetic reputation it needs to be successful this year. However, that doesn’t mean you have to waste thousands of gallons of water doing so.

Some of the top eco-friendly lawn techniques being implemented by business owners these days include the use of synthetic turf, the installation of water-conserving/drought-resistant plants, and strategic shading. Trees provide ample protection from the sun’s UV rays, and allow you use the air conditioner more sparingly when placed properly.

Hiring an HVAC contractor to clean your commercial air ducts can also help in improving your building’s energy-efficiency to a great degree. Cut back on gas and electricity usage and keep that indoor air quality optimal for your employees.

Encourage the use of all-natural and organic dish and hand soaps in the facility. Instead of purchasing commercial products in bulk, opt for greener alternatives. Simple measures like these can further spur the growth of the eco-friendly mindset and culture you want your staff to adopt.

For office equipment, ENERGY STAR products are recommended as they conserve far less energy than their conventional counterparts. The higher initial investment is well worth the long-term return. And those computer monitors, make sure to upgrade to LED. LCD models are notorious energy hogs and are harder on the eyes!

Over time, small changes tend to make a big difference. Make note of what your company is spending the most money on and see how you can make more economically choices in those areas!

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