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Who Are The Greenest Celebrities?

July 29, 2015 by

It’s refreshing to hear that Hollywood stars use their resources to make the world a better place, leading the way for others to do the same. Whether it’s raising awareness, starting campaigns, or simply donating more money than most people would ever see in their lifetimes, let’s take a look at how these stars make supporting the environment their own goals.

Green Celebrities

Woody Harrelson

His characteristic drawl is great for portraying down-to-earth leading men, but he’s actually an avid environmentalist who uses his star power to draw attention to important causes. He climbed the Gold Gate Bridge in 1996 in protest of deforestation, which ultimately led to his arrest for interfering with traffic. He has continued to support the protection of trees through the Living Tree Paper company and other environmentally friendly organizations.

Edward Norton

This reclusive leading man has been involved in a lower profile way by taking on a part in leading BP’s Solar Neighbor Program. He’s also involved in other environmental organizations such as Earthjustice, the Wilderness Society, and a park protection program called the Grand Canyon Trust. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio could afford homes that most of us can only dream of, but he made sure that wherever he decides to call home is always equipped with the latest green technology. His homes are reported to be fully stocked with solar panels, organize sheets and high-end, high efficiency toilets so that he can live in style without leaving a large footprint.

Will Ferrell

He’s rumored to practice frugal living when it comes to the latest technology or clothing trends, which means that his family consumes less than they could otherwise. He also drives a hybrid car to cut down on fuel consumption.

Matt Damon

Damon is an outspoken advocate for green causes to the point that it has earned him an Environmental Media Award, which selects influential voices that spread the message of green advocacy throughout the world of print and film. 

Fashion Rules

Emma Watson is involved with a clothing company sourcing organic materials for all their products, with all proceeds going towards UNICEF. The line is called People Tree and is already available for sale. Natalie Portman is herself involved in a similarly philanthropic project where the shoes were vegan friendly, meaning not a single pair contained animal products, such as leather.

There are many other celebrities not named who make substantial contributions to environmental causes, although it’s not necessary to have their means in order to make a difference. If you’re interested, you can always get involved with a cause, start your own local projects, make donations, or simply live green.

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