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Eco-Friendly Camping Products

July 7, 2015 by

Camping means spending time away from cities which are full of consumption and pollution, so it defeats the purpose to bring to a camping trip products that aren’t environmentally friendly. It may not be the best idea to throw out your newly purchased camping gear, but keep these suggestions in mind the next time you go shopping for new products.

Eco-Friendly Camping Products

Not relying on down

Down feather is gathered from birds, with the highest quality ones coming straight from their chest. Since down isn’t simply gathering excess feathers shed by birds, the farming of birds is going to introduce waste and inefficiencies. Sleeping bags that are filled with recycled down or synthetic materials are more environmentally friendly.

Vegan-friendly hiking shoes

Vegan shoes are not just about a philosophy. Leather is made from cows, which consume a lot of grass and release a sizable amount of pollution. Hiking boots that are vegan are often made from organic cloths that are light and pleasant to wear.


For picnics, disposable cutlery, plates, and napkins are convenient, but in nature, you don’t always have access to a garbage bin. Since you’re going to be packing your trash out anyway, why not make everything reusable? Each camper can be assigned one plate, one bowl, and one set of cutlery.

Remember: there is no water treatment

Since you’re out in the wild, you won’t have access to the infrastructure that’s easily available in the city. That means you will have to plan on how you’ll get enough potable water over the duration of the trip. You will also be responsible for not contaminating the bodies of water you come into contact with.

Check to ensure that your sunscreen, body soap, bug spray and other liquids are biodegradable and non-toxic.

Solar powered lighting

After you’ve set up for camp, while the light is still out you can start to charge your solar-powered lamps, which will keep you entertained between sunset and bedtime. Bring cards, a board game, or books to keep you entertained. Manually powered flashlights are also useful for late-night trips to the toilet.

Don’t forget your water bottle

Canned and bottled drinks create a lot of waste so something that’s reusable will really come in handy. At the end of the day, dump out the water and keep the cap off to make sure the container will be ready for use the following day.

When shopping for any aspect of your camping trip, ensure that you’re looking for eco-friendly products!

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